Sunday, 5 July 2009

Remixes Part 2

Heres part 2 of the remix ep! Took a while coming due to the usual uk garage longness so appologies about that. Im still waiting for 2 more mixes to be submitted, but im not holding my breath. I will upload them should they get completed!

Heres 4 new mixes for you all of the track "Care 4 Me". We have solution providing his classic 44 style, Whistla representing the 2step/future garage scene and 2 relatively new names DJ Nav & Chris Beale. DJ Nav comes with a old skool feeling remix with warm pads and classic drums. Chris totally flips the script with one of the freshest sounding remixes ive heard in a long time. After a few listens its a real grower!!

All 4 mixes Zip file download: right click save as

Whistla Remix:

Whistla Remix Download link

Solution Remix:

Solution Mix Download link

DJ Nav Remix:

Dj Nav Remix Download link

Chris Beale Remix:

Chris Beale Remix Download link

Next up, Push Ep Part 2 - A single every fortnight for 2 months!!!


  1. niceness!
    really like the DJ Nav Remix - heavy!

  2. nice remixes!
    all of them are quality stuff ;)