Sunday, 8 March 2009

Remixes Uploaded!!

Update!! I have had some remixes back now from some very generous producers who have given their time to the project and suppled with some very bumpy mixes all round! The remixes have been uploaded and are available here:

Care 4 Me - Art Tee's Careful Remix

Care 4 Me - JTL Remix

Care 4 Me - Sugar Bear Remix

Pushing - Junior Clan Remix

Pushing - Nsfl Nice'n'Bumpy Remix

All the tracks in a Zip File

There are a few more remixes im waiting for so hopefully there will be a part 2 soon!

Im going to post an official round up in the next few weeks detailing all the achievements and a report of whats happened with the ep and where its lead too. Also about future plans and how its affected my view on releasing music so check back for updates. The push has just begun!



  1. what about a public remix?
    I would love to try myself on one of these tracks ;)

  2. email me on with a myspace etc link so i can hear your work!


  3. public remix competition would sound nice :)

    on the d/l!

  4. WHISTLA REMIX WHAT! When's that one available? Massive EP Duncan! Respect!

  5. to be honest, i'm a little bit disappointed in the remixes
    don't get me wrong, these are very nice, quality reworks (respect to all the producers!), but i don't think anyone really forced himself to create something special

    the original ones (especially 'care 4 me' and 'pushing') have a very unique sound, and i miss this "out of the box" way of thinking from the remixes

    this whole project is about pushing things forward, about experimenting, and i hear 5 usual (but good!) tunes, thats why i am disappointed a bit

  6. I love "Pushing - Junior Clan Remix" and "Care 4 Me - Sugar Bear Remix" I am officially bumping these two joints hard!! Yo, Duncan has another song thats really cool "Duncan Powell - Special Groove" I would check it out folks!

    Keep doing your thing Duncan, I love the music!