Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Duncan Powell - 'Impossible Songs'
Release Date 11/07/11
Faada - Cat no 36DP001

The goal behind this project was to create some deep & experimental music loosely based around 2step garage for listening pleasure. Fadaa records approached me with a open ear to the sounds & direction I wished to create. The tracks are electronic instrumentals of deep grooves and raw drums made to be played loud. The album was created for the listener just as much if not more than the DJ.

The 8 track album is entitled "Impossible Songs" as the twisted title came to me whilst writing the tracks and sits nicely with the vibe of the tracks.

1. Intensions
2. Open Your Ears
3. Unattainable
4. WOWterlude
5. Energy (interlude)
6. Square Waves
7. 3:26am
8. Meant To Be

released digitally from all the usual stores.

I personally recommend Juno clips of each track are available if you click this link <<.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spring 2011 Garage Set

Free 320k download of my latest garage set.

right click save as

Duncan Powell - Lonley Heart / Jay Dilla -Don't Cry
Dj Para - All My Heart
Allstars - Walk On By ($Ki's Super Sunday Vybe)
Wiley & Mj Cole - From The Drop (Hint Remix)
Amerie - Just One Thing (French Fries Remix - Looped)
Crazy Bald Heads - First Born (Champagne Breakfast Mix)
Clueless - Bruksteppa
Pixielord - Kiwi Dream (Kastle Remix)
Duncan Powell - Highly Affected
Brown & Cole - All 4 You - Solution Dub
Sbtrkt & Sampha - Break Off
Artful Mark - Survive
Spencer - You Know (Oxide Remix)
Raven - Special Way
David Lyres - In Arms (Bombay Bicycle Club Remix)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

NO LONGER AVALIABLE Duncan Powell - "Beats In The Name Of Progress"

No Longer avaliable!!!!

My latest release is a bit non conventional. Think of it as my sketch book. It is a collection of rough round the edge ideas that I often start, but never finish.

I've skimmed though literally hundreds of these ideas and picked out 50 of my favourites. There's a mixture of various styles of Garage, and a couple of other style/bpm ideas thrown in. There are some tracks which could be used as specials, radio beds or DJ intros.

Here is a preview of some of the tracks included in the release. The tracks are 320k mp3s and the total play time is: over 100 mins.

Teaser!! by DuncanPowell

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Coming Soon

When im making beats, as i imagine for many other producers, i end up with 5 or 6 ideas that i dont use for each track i make. Some of these little loops i quite like listening to, but i dont have the desire to finish off. After much thought ive decided to compile them into an album. As these tracks are only short so there is going to be approx 50 of them in the collection. Ranging between 2004-2011, most of these are unmastered & un mixed down, so you can hear the unpolished raw work in progress. The tracklisting is being finalised as we speak.

Here is a little teaser of what to expect in the album:

Teaser!! by DuncanPowell

Watch this space....

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Push Ep has come to an end!

Thanks for all the support and for all those downloading!! the links have now been removed.

Please visit: for my latest projects!!


Monday, 1 March 2010


An update to progress, The track "Pushing" has been signed to Electronica / 2-step / Dub label "2nd Drop Records". I've removed the free download links from the blog so if you missed it, you missed out!!! It will soon be coming out on 12" vinyl featuring a brand new remix, more info to come shortly!!

In the meantime, rising UKG star 8th Note has done an exclusive remix of Pushing and is avaliable as one more free download for you UKG fans. Bumpy vibes with a sick twist in the middle of the track.

Pushing - 8th Note Remix Download

Monday, 9 November 2009


Another week, more new music! Firstly and most proudly i present a Karl "tuff enuff" Brown & Duncan Powell collaboration:

This ones a big bad and heavy 44 dub!!!

"Twiin Dubbz - Outta Control"

Next, 2 tracks which were forgotten about projects from years gone by i found on my hardrive. both are 4x4 instrumentals.

What About Us


and finally, a bit of fun, it was going to be a full track but i stripped back the elements to just samples and the odd drum sound:


Im going to up a massive pile of back catalog tracks during the coming week and these will be posted on the blog with a full list of all the tunes and remixes that ive made avaliable for free download as one summary post. Some of these tracks have never been heard before.....

Thanks for all your support and help on the project!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Remixes Part 2

Heres part 2 of the remix ep! Took a while coming due to the usual uk garage longness so appologies about that. Im still waiting for 2 more mixes to be submitted, but im not holding my breath. I will upload them should they get completed!

Heres 4 new mixes for you all of the track "Care 4 Me". We have solution providing his classic 44 style, Whistla representing the 2step/future garage scene and 2 relatively new names DJ Nav & Chris Beale. DJ Nav comes with a old skool feeling remix with warm pads and classic drums. Chris totally flips the script with one of the freshest sounding remixes ive heard in a long time. After a few listens its a real grower!!

All 4 mixes Zip file download: right click save as

Whistla Remix:

Whistla Remix Download link

Solution Remix:

Solution Mix Download link

DJ Nav Remix:

Dj Nav Remix Download link

Chris Beale Remix:

Chris Beale Remix Download link

Next up, Push Ep Part 2 - A single every fortnight for 2 months!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Remixes Uploaded!!

Update!! I have had some remixes back now from some very generous producers who have given their time to the project and suppled with some very bumpy mixes all round! The remixes have been uploaded and are available here:

Care 4 Me - Art Tee's Careful Remix

Care 4 Me - JTL Remix

Care 4 Me - Sugar Bear Remix

Pushing - Junior Clan Remix

Pushing - Nsfl Nice'n'Bumpy Remix

All the tracks in a Zip File

There are a few more remixes im waiting for so hopefully there will be a part 2 soon!

Im going to post an official round up in the next few weeks detailing all the achievements and a report of whats happened with the ep and where its lead too. Also about future plans and how its affected my view on releasing music so check back for updates. The push has just begun!