Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Duncan Powell - 'Impossible Songs'
Release Date 11/07/11
Faada - Cat no 36DP001

The goal behind this project was to create some deep & experimental music loosely based around 2step garage for listening pleasure. Fadaa records approached me with a open ear to the sounds & direction I wished to create. The tracks are electronic instrumentals of deep grooves and raw drums made to be played loud. The album was created for the listener just as much if not more than the DJ.

The 8 track album is entitled "Impossible Songs" as the twisted title came to me whilst writing the tracks and sits nicely with the vibe of the tracks.

1. Intensions
2. Open Your Ears
3. Unattainable
4. WOWterlude
5. Energy (interlude)
6. Square Waves
7. 3:26am
8. Meant To Be

released digitally from all the usual stores.

I personally recommend Juno clips of each track are available if you click this link <<.

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